Comfort like hotel and cozy home environment… This is Republika…
A multi-dimensional, very enjoyable life complex that offers everything you need for years of college…

I remember my college years as a period when I learned to be independent, to respect everyone’s differences, to live with others and to share; a period which had an enormous impact on who I am today. The friendships that I have forged, the good times I had spent and everything that I learned then are very valuable to me.

My own personal experiences during my college years guided us while starting the Republika concept. We started with the idea of providing college students with a living space with high quality standards where they would feel at home, something that goes beyond just a place to sleep, somewhere they would improve their personalities, get creative; basically an entirely new breed of living space where they would be offered everything they might possibly need.. I am very happy with the feedback we received from the families and our students, a testament to us achieving our goal in providing what we had imagined. We invite all students who are dreaming of a college experience with the privileges that they deserve to stay at Republika.

I hope Republika helps you become the person you want to be and that you will always remember your time here with a smile on your faces…

Serdar Bilgili

Republika is a big, warm house and we are a big family. With Republikans, from other countries, other cities… We are your second family with a full energetic team who is working to make your life easier… We want to be with you in this difficult process of being separated from your family. When you try to get used to a new city, we want to remove the list of things to do, such as “where to stay”, “what to eat”, “where to do gym”, “how to pay bill” and “how to socialize”. We want to create a fun, social, full pack of amenities beyond just safe and comfortable accommodation for you.

Let’s make your college years even more memorable, perhaps as the most beautiful memories of your life. We are in Republika and we are here for you with all our energy. 7 days 24 hours, all kinds of questions and problems… Wishing to spend happy days together…

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